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#Jevon Robinson
#My First Program

print("Hello World!")

#Here is my first variable, it will be a string
myFirstVariable = "Hello"
#here is my second variable, it is a string also
#it is an input of whoever is running this program 
mySecondVariable = input("What is your name ==> ")

#I will now print my first and second variable
print(myFirstVariable, mySecondVariable)

Hello World!
What is your name ==> Bob
Hello Bob
<class 'str'>
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#My Multiplication program 
#This program will multiply any 2 numbers that I enter

#here i will enter my first number it will be a floating point number
firstNumber = float(input("Enter a Number ==> "))

#Now I will enter my second number 
secondNumber = float(input("Enter a Second Number ==> "))

#Here is the variable that will show my product
product = firstNumber * secondNumber

#Now I will print out my final statement with the formula
print(firstNumber,"times", secondNumber, "equals", product)
Enter a Number ==> 7
Enter a Second Number ==> 30
7.0 times 30.0 equals 210.0
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