Jevon's Win10 Chapter 8



Key Terms Definitons
Backup A properly secured copy of files and folders and sometimes settings usually saved in a compressed format.
File History A feature in Windows 10 that is designed to keep personal files safe. It enables users who are not administrators to select an external drive or a folder on the network, and it automatically backs up and restores their personal files.
Restore A backup is created so you can restore the files and settings in the event of data loss from a hard disk failure, accidental erasure or disk formatting, or natural events. Most users hope they never need backups.
Restore Point A representation of the state of a computer’s system files and settings.
Safe Mode s useful for troubleshooting problems with programs and drivers that might not start correctly or that might prevent Windows from starting correctly.
Windows 7 File Recovery Was designed to protect a computer in the event of a system failure by storing data on another medium (hard drive, network folder, or CD/DVD).
Windows 10 File Recovery Drive It is spread across sectors on different parts of the disk.
Windows 10 System Restore Can help by providing enough of a boot environment to get back into the system to begin the troubleshooting process.
Windows Recovery Environment Can be used to repair common causes of unbootable operating systems..

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