Jevon's Win10 Chapter 6



Key Terms Definitons
Basic Sharing Allows you to share a file or folder with a specific user and restrict the user to Read pr Read/Write actions.
Effective Permissions The actual permissions when logging in and accessing a file or folder.
Explicit Permissions Permissions granted directly to a file or folder.
Homegroup A group of computers on a home network that can share files and printers.
Inherited Permissions Permissions that are granted to a folder (parent object or container) that flow into child objects (subfolders or files inside the parent folder).
Mapping a Drive A mapped drive is a shortcut to a shared folder or drive on another computer across a network.
Network Discovery A Windows feature that enables your computer to find other computers and devices (such as printers) on a connected network.
Network Location A collection of security settings that’s appropriate for the type of network to which you want to connect.
NTFS Permissions These permissions are available on volumes formatted with the NTFS file system.
Printer Permissions Windows 10 provides three levels of printer permissions.
Public Folder An easy and convenient way to share files on your computer.
Shared Folder A drive or folder will be shared.

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