Jevon's Win10 Chapter 5



Key Term Definition

Audio Device

A sound card.

Cloud Storage

Remote data storage with backups but can also include application hosting.

Device Manager

You can use Device Manager to get information about the devices installed in the computer, as well as install, update, and troubleshoot device drivers.

Devices and Printers folder

Quickly allows users to see all the devices connected to the computer and to configure and troubleshoot these devices.


A small program that enables hardware to interact with the operating system.


Used to synchronize files across multiple devices.

Input Device

Are items such as keyboards, mice, trackballs, touchpads, digital pens, and joysticks (for gaming).

Local Printer

Connected directly to your computer via a cable, using a serial, parallel, USB, infrared, or other port type.

Network Printer

Generally has a network adapter and is connected to a network.


A file hosting service that allows you to store and create files and folders and share them with other users and groups.

OneDrive for Business

Can be used by team members to store and work on documents with others and it helps ensure that business files for your users are stored in a central location.

OneDrive Recycle Bin

A temporary storage place of deleted items.

Plug-and-Play Technology

As long as a PnP device is plugged into your computer and powered on (if the device requires power, like a printer), Windows detects the device and automatically installs the drivers.

Print Device

To refer to the actual hardware but is now using the term “printer” in most consumer-level documentation.

Print job

A file or set of files that have been sent to a printer.

Print Queue

A holding area until the printer is finished printing the entire document.

Print Spooler

An executable file that manages the printing process, which includes retrieving the location of the correct print driver, loading the driver, creating the individual print jobs, and scheduling the print jobs for printing.

Video Device

The video adapter or card.

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